The Story Behind Second Fiddle

How we started our virtual assisting company.

Andrew and I both have an entrepreneurial spirit and we knew that working as a team along side one another was always the ultimate goal. Our friend Katie started a virtual assisting business in the fall of 2016 and has been wildly successful. We loved the idea of starting our own virtual assisting business and with Katie’s help and encouragement we went for it!


Us on our first day of school!


We started out by reading a book called the Bootstrap VA, which, to be honest, took us quite some time to complete because we were in the middle of reading lots of other books for school. When we finally finished, it was a month or so before graduation and we had come up with a pretty long list of things to do (outline a  business plan, design a website, obtain a business license, draft a contract, etc.), but we were so excited to throw ourselves into the mix!

This is an actual photo of us on a walk... jk

This is an actual photo of us on a walk... jk


We began by going on some evening walks that we often take to connect and share hearts. During these times we started dreaming and imagining what our business could be. We envisioned the type of creative people we’d partner with and the kind of experience we wanted them to have while working with us. As we began to dream, we started to see the foundation of our brand.

Us living it up in Bend, OR

Us living it up in Bend, OR


We also used a weekend getaway to Bend, Oregon to stir up our creative juices.

Here’s the deal, I wouldn’t consider myself a huge “outdoors” girl, but there’s just something significant about getting into nature that allows you to de-clutter your mind and see things with a bigger and better perspective.

Along with taking in the gorgeous Oregonian scenery, we also got to experience the city-vibes of Bend. One amazing thing about the town is their city’s policy prohibiting chain restaurants from being located in their downtown area. This helps foster a more local feel and promotes originality. So obviously we only ate at the local restaurants!

The view from our table at 900 Wall

The view from our table at 900 Wall


During our visit to one restaurant in particular (900 Wall to be precise and we highly recommend this place!) we struck up a conversation with our waiter during which he made a brilliant comment that I’ll never forget. He said, “No one was stuck in Bend. Everyone who lives here wants to be here.” His words really inspired both Andrew and I. It totally made sense, the level of excellence this city displayed was astounding. You could see the detailed thought that was put into the city, from the building design to the art features at the roundabouts. This town was full of people who really took pride and ownership of their city. Andrew and I knew that we wanted this same concept to translate to the business owners we worked with. We desired to partner with creative entrepreneurs who had a deep passion for their craft along with a sense of pride in what they were doing. It was safe to say that by the end of this trip we left more enthusiastic than ever to start our business.

Graduation Day!

Graduation Day!


In May we graduated from the first year of our school and the following day flew home to Salt Lake City to visit our family for a week. A couple days before we left I remember telling Andrew that I believed we would figure out the name of our business on this trip. During one of the nights in Salt Lake I was having dinner with my parents outside on their patio and I started telling them about this strange dream I had a few weeks earlier that involved Chicago. To make a long story short, I shared with them how a friend of mine had correlated the dream to our business. 

World's Fair Columbian Exposition 1893

My parents agreed that this dream definitely had to do with the business we were starting. Then my dad asked me if I had known that Chicago had often been referred to as the “second city” during the competition with New York as the selection for the site of the World’s Fair: Columbian Exposition. In the late 1800’s, Chicago was considered the “second city” or second choice to New York. (Ironically as history has shown, Chicago ended up hosting the exposition). My dad said that in a sense Chicago was playing second fiddle to New York.

Cue the lightbulb!

He went on to explain we are like the second fiddle with our business, supporting our clients from behind the scenes. Andrew wasn’t with me the night I spoke with my parents, but when I told him what my dad had said, he loved the idea of naming our virtual assisting business Second Fiddle. It was the perfect name to represent the brand we’d been dreaming up.

Second Fiddle in an orchestra

Since neither of us play violin, or any instrument for that matter (Andrew played the trumpet in seventh grade but he doesn’t like to talk about it…), we researched what second fiddle (violinist) meant in an orchestra setting. We read an article that brought a lot of insight and even more excitement to our potential business name. We learned some really interesting things like...

“the second violins play a supportive role harmonically and rhythmically to the first violins… Although the two sections play different parts, all members share in the responsibility of blending seamlessly together as one unit.”


“While the first violins concentrate on their own difficulties in creating excitement in the higher registers or the fast passages, they constantly rely on the musical support of the second violins.”

Isn’t that so cool?! In the same way that a second violinist in an orchestra supports and harmonizes with the first violinist, our business does the same for business owners and entrepreneurs. So with much joy we've decided on Second Fiddle as our business name!

Our mission is...

To provide freedom to creative entrepreneurs by accomplishing the routine business tasks that keep them from dreaming, building and creating.

Now you know a little of our back story! Thanks for being a part of our journey. If you or someone you know could use a hand with mounting day-to-day business tasks like calendar administration, email management and project coordination, etc., we’d love to offer our support as virtual assistants! Check out our website for more information and please feel free to contact us with any questions!