What Is A Virtual Assistant?

What is a virtual assistant?

The question we have been getting frequently when we tell people about our shiny, new, virtual assisting business has been, “what exactly do you do?” So, being the intuitive young(ish) man that I am, I decided to take this opportunity to better explain what a virtual assistant (VA for short) does and the benefits of hiring one.


A virtual assistant is a robot in cyberspace, instilled with superhuman, artificial intelligence… not really, but don’t you think of something kind of like that when you first hear it!? All jokes aside, in short, a virtual assistant is a resource that provides you with FREEDOM (think Mel Gibson in Braveheart, freedom).

As an entrepreneur your time is the most precious resources you have. A VA’s job is to take the things off your plate that are eating up your time and could be done by someone other than you.

Think about it, how much time do you spend sorting through and replying to emails, formatting and posting your blog, invoicing and bookkeeping, coordinating projects, etc? Once you are able to delegate those tasks you have the freedom (there’s Mel again) to focus on the things that matter most and are most effective. That could be allowing more time to create, to dream, to build your business or take a much needed vacation. Whatever it may be, a virtual assistant should be providing you with the freedom to do it.


I’m so glad you asked! The reality is that if it can be done remotely and you are comfortable passing it on, a virtual assistant could be an ideal solution for you. Many times the issue is simply allowing a moment to sit down, take stock of what you are doing and delegating those things that can be done by someone else. If you’ll take the time to do that you may be surprised about how many things you don’t need to be doing yourself. To help better understand what a virtual assistant can do, here is a list of a few common tasks a VA can handle:

  • Blog and newsletter formatting

  • Calendar and scheduling

  • Research

  • Travel booking

  • Database entry/transcription

  • Project coordination/management

  • Online review responses

  • Personal tasks

  • Social media

  • Bookkeeping

  • Website upkeep

  • Facebook hacking of friends and family (discontinued)


Many people don’t understand why you would want to utilize a virtual assistant when you could hire a part or full time employee but there are many benefits of going the route of a VA. Starting off, they are ideal for those who only need a few hours a month (typically starting around 5-10), far less than you could get a part time employee to stick around for. Along with fewer hours, the cost of having an employee can sneak up on you. Costs such as paying taxes (workers comp), benefits, vacation and sick leave can all be avoided by hiring a virtual assistant. Flexibility is also a wonderful benefit of a VA. If you need more hours you can simply add them and if you need less or need to stop all together you can make that adjustment as well.

The key to utilizing a virtual assistant is to take stock of what you are doing that could be outsourced to someone else and finding a VA that has the skill set you need. You should also find someone that you will enjoy working with and that will enjoy working with you.

The last thing you want is someone working on your pride-and-joy (aka your business) that is going to treat it as “just another job”. That’s the reason we chose to work primarily with creative businesses; we knew we could get excited about working with those who are dreaming and innovating beautiful things to offer the world!

I hope this helps bring some perspective as to what our business is all about. If you would like to learn more about what we can do for your business or if you have any questions, check out our contact us page or hit us up on social media!