Second Fiddle

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second fiddle


1. One who plays a supporting role in relation to someone else.

2. In an orchestra, the position of second violinist (fiddle) is to assist and to harmonize with that of the first violinist.

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Meet Casey & Andrew…

It's in our DNA to propel individuals in their passions, because of this we love to work with creative entrepreneurs who have pursued and are honing their craft.

This kind of partnership not only creates synergy, but also enables both of us to feel like we are building towards a greater purpose. Our conviction for excellence, efficiency and attention to detail will bring an added benefit to your business not easily found elsewhere. We understand you've put a lot of time and energy into your work and when you choose to partner with us we know how to treat your business as our own. After all your business is our business. 

You started your business because you finally found something you believed in. You felt something (maybe for the first time) that made you realize what you were doing was making a difference in the world.  

However, having a successful and thriving business can mean more time spent maintaining what you've built with less time available to grow your company. That's where we come in; when you trust us to do what we love, you gain the freedom to get back to doing what you've loved from the start. 


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